Colour Service

To start with, there are 159 specially selected colours in the Tridek catalogue.  While the colour reproduction available from modern software is very good, we recommend that you request as actual sample of any colour you would like to use, to be certain that your selection is satisfactory.  Please use the e-mail service for this.

Where you find that a particular colour from the Tridek range is close to what you require, please contact us, and give us details of any variation you would like.  We have available some 8000 established colours and formulations from which we can select, and timeously supply you with samples for your approval.

For confirmed projects, we can also provide a fully customised colour service.  Using an existing colour from the range, you can specify fleck density and size by reference to other colours in the range.  Background and fleck colours can be selected in the same way, or by reference to an existing commercial colour range.  If in any doubt, please request a more detailed description with examples of how to generate a new colour combination.

Please note that the manufacture of multicolour paint is a complex process, and there could be minor variations in fleck size and density in production of any colour selected.  We apply stringent quality control to all manufactured product, as well as to the spraying product on site to ensure that any variation is well within acceptable limits.